Installing Pearson LockDown Browser

If you are using your personal laptop to take an exam in this course, we require that you download and install Pearson LockDown Browser.

Please follow the instructions below to download and install LockDown Browser.

1. Dowloading the File

Windows Users

OS X Users

2. Save and Open the Installation File

The download method will appear differently in different web browsers and operating systems. Regardless of the browser, the zipped file can be found in your "Downloads" folder in Windows and OS X. Double click the file to run the installation and follow the instructions on the screen.

Browser Action


In Google Chrome you will be prompted to save your file at the bottom of your browser window. Click Save to save the file to your "Downloads" folder.



In Mozilla Firefox a pop up window wiil prompt you to save the file. Click on Save File to download the file in your "Downloads" folder.



In Internet Explorer you will be be prompted to run or save your file. Click on Save to download the file to your "Downloads" folder.



In Safari you will be prompted to click continue before you download the file. Click Continue to download the file to your "Downloads" folder.


3. Finishing the Installation

If installed correctly in Windows, Pearson LockDown Browser will appear in "All Programs" under the "Start" menu. If installed correctly in OS X LockDown Browser will appear in will appear in the "Applications" folder.

Click on the "Pearson LockDown" icon to open. Opening "Pearson LockDown" will prompt a white window to appear with a single toolbar at the top. Pearson LockDown is successfully installed.

NOTE: Only use Pearson LockDown for Math Testing. Other lockdown browsers will not work for Math Testing.